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Hello Everyone, It’s my great pleasure to have you here, My name is Tarun Kashyap and I’m the Founder of this website TarunKashyap.com, I’m a blogger and an affiliate marketer.

I’ve been blogging since 2018, and since then it has become my passion to write blog posts and educate people through my blog content.

Since my childhood days I used to write a lot, I used to write diary, I used to write lots of other things which were not part of my academics, and reading books is my all time favorite, so that’s what have made me walk the walk of blogging, as I loved to write so blogging was never a big deal for me.

So here’s a little bit of information about myself 👇

I was born in Bacheli Chattisgarh India on 1 May 1999, Bacheli is a small town in Chattisgarh in Dantewada District.

I Completed my class 12th From Kendriya Vidyalaya Bacheli.

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From Childhood Onwards I wanted to do something different from others, I wanted to become my own boss, Doing a 9 – 5 job never really interested me.

I Was more interested in Social Media Platforms and Interacting with people on facebook and hanging around in different social media platforms always gained my interest.

And that has a great impact on why I love to do Blogging.

The main reason why I started BloggingPal is because I wanted to write educational content for people who want to learn something related to blogging, SEO and Digital Marketing, because quality information is not present on the internet on these topics, and the information which is present were not up to the mark.

So I decided to start a blog and started working on it.

Currently tarunkashyap.com is personal blog, where I write occassionally about what I want to write and other things that I find interesting.

I have one more blog known as BloggingPal where I am more active, so if you want to learn more about blogging, SEO, and Digital Marketing then be sure to check this out.

Blogging is one of the form of content creation for the internet, like other content formats like videos, images etc., the text rich Content format is called Blogging.

Why you should be creating content for the internet?

Internet is the greatest gift to this generation, you can reach 1000’s if not millions of people in just one simple click.

It’s Something that our parents didn’t have when they were growing up.

There are lots and lots of opportunities hidden inside the Internet.

And do you know what’s the best part about Creating content for the internet?

It’s the passive income part, firstly we can do what we love to do and make content around it and second we can get paid to create content for the internet.

Personally I make money through blogging and affiliate marketing from my blog, and it generates quiet good revenue for me.

So that’s why I encourage people to start their own blog, and work on it.

You are not limited to blogs on the internet you can do anything like create YouTube videos, Blogging, dropshipping, Amazon FBA, kindle book author and many more opportunities are waiting for you on the internet.

you see many large companies and businesses of today’s generation like Google, Amazon, Facebook and many others,

They have one thing in common, their main means of operation is the Internet.

So I want you to grab the opportunity that’s been given to you, I’m not saying that it will be easy.

Surely it will take some time and lots of hard work and patience but guess what, it will be worth it in the end.

and growing up in the era of the Evolution Social Platforms, I thought that why not I should build something out of it for myself, so that’s where i started my Digital Marketing and Blogging Journey.

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I Blog because it enables me to connect with other like-minded people like me on the internet.

This is a personal blog and I write whatever I feel like in This Website Tarunkashyap.com

I Write Content Related To SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Digital Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing on My Blog BloggingPal.com

Before starting BloggingPal.com, I Used to blog at creativeskillsonline[.]com and I also had a youtube Channel Named Creative Skills Online which I initially started in November 2018.

On Creative Skills Online I used to blog about Blogging mostly and Digital Marketing.

and I didn’t see much success on that website as that was the first year of my Blogging Journey.

But surely I learned a lot of things like How to write a good Blog Post and How to do marketing of the Blogposts etc.

I also Did Youtube Channel on which i used to post random stuuff and that’s why i didn’t get any success.

But I feel proud of doing all those things even if I didn’t get any success because Doing Youtube I learned how to interact with people on videos and Doing YouTube Definitely Improved my Spoken English language.

When I started the Creative Skills Online Website I didn’t knew how to do blogging and Digital Marketing and I just used to post what I learned from various sources.

So as i didn’t knew much about the things i was doing i.e Blogging and Digital Marketing, and most of my time i spent on taking Online Courses and Learning the things Which I was not good at.

So That was a great learning curve for me and I am Implementing all the things which I’ve learned and implementing as well as sharing on this website through my Blog Posts.

So Stay Tuned with my websites Because I Post Valuable Stuff on my Websites absolutely for FREE.

The Information I share on this website is Worth hundreds and thousands of dollars and people actually charge 1000+ dollars for What i share here absolutely for FREE.

What Else I like to do

Apart from all these, I Study in ITI as an Electrician Trainee, and I live in my parents house.

I also like to Workout every day in the morning and I also Love Playing the Guitar and Singing along but I am Not good at it 😛

So I have given Enough Details about me and this website, Now I’d Like to hear from you.

Send Me a message here and I’ll be more than happy to be answering you.

I’m Most Active on my Instagram Account.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +919340188840

So Enjoy Consuming Valuable Content on My Website and Start Applying what you learn from here, also don’t forget to share with me what you’ve achieved after implementing what you learned from here.

Happy Learning.

For Your Succes:

Tarun Kashyap

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