How I Made My First Dollar Online with Blogging

Making Money From Blogging isn’t easy and it’s certainly not the way for someone who is just looking to make a quick buck online straight away.

Before making my first dollar Online I hustled a lot, learned a lot, and took a lot of courses, understood the game how this Entire Blogging thing works and now im slowly getting better at it day by day.

in the beginning of my blogging journey, I was also like one of those guys who just want to make a quick buck online, but later I realized that blogging is completely different, its a way of communicating with your audiences, and helping them as much as you can.

When I started Blogging, I just wrote articles just for the sole purpose of making money, and guess what happened?

I made $0 in my first year blogging.

Then I looked at other bloggers, what qualities do they have in common and how do they continue to make money from their blogs.

Then I understood the core concept of blogging is that Bloggers love sharing and writing about information they find interesting and then they make money in the process.

And Doing blogging just for the sole purpose of making money isn’t sustainable I think.

We as bloggers have to provide an insane amount of value to our readers in order for them to be trusting us and giving their time for reading our content.

But at the beginning, I didn’t knew all these things and that’s why I didn’t make any money in my first year of blogging.

And this is what a lot of people do, they just start blogging to make a quick buck online and eventually fail without understanding the actual process and quit too soon by saying they are not getting results, etc.

but let me tell you this, blogging is just exchange of value you provide your readers with value and the readers are gonna make you a dime.

you just have to convert your first-time website visitors into your loyal fans that’s it.

So How many Blog Posts I wrote before making my first Dollar from Blogging?

The answer might shock you but it is the Truth.

I Wrote 9 Blog Posts before making my first dollar from blogging, and those 9 blog posts didn’t earn me any money at all, the 10th blog post on my blog made me my first dollar.

but let me tell you the truth, the 9 blog posts that I wrote before making my first dollar were written in one year.

That means I only Wrote 9 blog posts in my first year of blogging, that’s a too-small number, isn’t it?

but back then I was a complete newbie to blogging and i was just taking courses, learning and looking at other fellow bloggers and learning how they do what they do, how they made money online.

and in the second year exactly 13 months from starting my blog, I made my first dollar online from the 10th blog post I wrote on my blog.

How I Made My First Dollar Online

The 10th blog post that I posted on my blog was an affiliate Article and that article generated me $ one month from posting.

The products name was Updraftplus, and promoting this product during black Friday sales helped me to generate my first income online through affiliate marketing.

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yes, that single article generated me $210.34 in a single month from the 10th Blog Post.

I know it’s not a huge number but I was extremely happy to see my Hard work generating some revenue.

And I was really happy when the income from my Affiliate dashboard actually started to deposit on my bank account.

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It was like a validation proof for me that whatever I was doing aka blogging is not a waste of time, and I can rely on this for building a side hustle.

What was stopping me from making money from my blog

I think the only thing that was stopping me from making money from my blog was:

  1. Me myself
  2. My self-doubts
  3. Not taking my blog seriously
  4. Not executing what I was learning
  5. Not writing enough blog posts
  6. Not researching the competition and writing anything


It took me 13 long months to finally make money from blogging, I was learning and figuring a way out.

If you’re a blogger and is not seeing any results, just don’t lose hopes, as long as you are authentic and you provide value to your audience, you will surely make a handsome amount of money from blogging surely.

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