How to learn Digital Marketing From Home, Both FREE & Paid Methods

Learning digital marketing is not that hard nowadays.

Anyone can easily learn digital marketing from their homes and anywhere in the world.

I’m writing this blog post because I see a lot of people want to know how to learn Digital Marketing.

All the information you’re looking for is one click away from you with the help of the internet.

you should utilize the opportunity.

and I’m also learning and experimenting with Digital Marketing By my own, via my own Blog.

So stay tuned because in this blog post I’m gonna be sharing with you How you can learn digital marketing easily.

But before we get into How to learn digital marketing, first you should know what is digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?                                

In layman terms, Digital Marketing simply means utilizing different social, Digital channels to Market or promote your product or brand is called Digital Marketing.

Examples of Digital Channels are

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Google Web
  4. Your Website
  5. Pinterest
  6. Quora
  7. Twitter
  8. LinkedIn
  9. Instagram
  10. Emails
  11. Snapchat
  12. TikTok
  13. StumbleUpon
  14. Reddit

So Digital channel is basically an online space where people go to hang out online is called a Digital channel.

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And For digital marketing we go ahead and make a noise of our Craft on these channels to our target audience strategically, this process is called Digital Marketing.

Target audience

Target audience is the demographic of people who have the same age, interest, and goals and people who can potentially become a customer to your Business is called a Target audience.

Types of traffic in Digital Marketing?

Now if you are Marketing on any platform there are two things that are going to happen.

Organic Traffic

You will get free exposure to your content to your target audience. Which is also called organic Reach.

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Paid Advertising

You can pay some money to the platform to get some eyeballs to your content, also referred to as Paid search advertising.

And almost every channel or platform has a Paid Advertising feature where you can pay money and get more eyeballs to your content.

With all the platforms decreasing its organic reach each and every day, people are now forced towards using paid Advertising.

Let me show you an example of a paid advertisement over a platform that you see daily.

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Every platform has a paid advertising feature in place.

Here’s an advertisement from YouTube before paying a video

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Direct traffic

People coming directly to your content by coming to your channels directly is called Direct traffic.

Example: people coming directly to your website, not from Google or not from any paid ad, but directly typing in your Website’s URL.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic means the traffic which came to your website through other social channels.

the traffic can also be the traffic that came to your channels from other websites following a link.

This type of traffic is called Referral traffic.

What are the parts of Digital Marketing?

Content Marketing

Content marketing means marketing your content strategically in all the platforms, whether it be a blog post, YouTube video, or any social media post, analyzing and posting strategically is called Content Marketing

Social media marketing

Utilizing all social media platforms and posting strategically on all social platforms timely and consistently is called social media marketing.

Paid Advertising

Paying different Digital Channels to get more Targeted eyeballs to your content or product is called paid Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing the Digital Channel in such a way that your Content gets discovered organically when someone types something related to your content is called search engine optimization.

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Content Updates

we should not forget about the content that’s already been present on our Social channels.

We should always be updating our content so that it’s always fresh and updated.

And Everyone loves to consume fresh and updated content social media.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimizing the funnel in such a way that it gives better results, whether it be leads or sales or more engagement.

A well-optimized funnel is very important in digital marketing.

Email Marketing

Emails cannot be ignored, emails are the primary digital media most people give priority to.

some people like to check their emails at the start of the day.

Emails can’t be ignored.

If you’re into digital marketing or internet Marketing you’ll learn that emails are the most efficient way of communication between your customers and Businesses.

And email also converts better if crafted Correctly.

Analytics and data monitoring

in digital marketing field data, monitoring and analytics is the most important thing.

Because without knowing how your traffic is behaving and if you don’t have analytical tools in place then you’re missing out a lot on Your digital marketing growth.

Without knowing how the traffic is behaving and their demographics you can’t convert them better.


Copywriting is the skill of writing content that attracts or amazes potential customers.

Copywriting is the art of writing digital copy which can concert better and can make customers Fall for our product is called copywriting.

Building and Growing Community

Building Online communities and groups are a very interesting part of digital marketing.

You get to know people related to your niche.

You share knowledge between people having the same interests.

and in that way, people can get to know more about your business and your brand.

Building a Community also helps in digital marketing.

How to learn Digital Marketing?

So now let’s check out some of the Proven ways of learning Digital Marketing.

If you want to learn digital marketing then there’s no better way then blogging.

Blogging is the fastest and the best way of learning Digital Marketing.Click to Tweet

Because in Blogging you’re not only building your brand but you also implement what you learn on your blog.

Here’s a video showing the importance of a blog in digital marketing

When you start a blog you will figure out how to do Marketing for your Blog Posts and much more.

You will learn how to use various tools used in digital marketing.

You will learn what is competition.

You will learn what is a keyword and what is SEO and You’ll also learn how to bring traffic to your blog.

You will learn about different platforms to bring traffic to your blog.

You will also learn the paid methods of bringing traffic to your blog.

I am very glad that I decided to start a blog.

Because of blogging only I gained knowledge of the below-listed Topics.

  1. I learned Keyword research and SEO
  2. I learned how to write Good SEO friendly Blog posts.
  3. I learned about the Backlinks building.
  4. I learned about different channels for Branding and bringing traffic.
  5. I learned to use different SEO tools.
  6. I learned how to build websites and how to design Websites.
  7. i learned how to build a community.

So as you can see from the above paragraph if you start blogging you will learn a lot faster.

Because like I said you’re not just learning but you are also implementing what you’re learning.

So that is why I think Blogging is the best way to learn digital Marketing.

Take an Online Course and get certified

Taking online is also a good way to kickstart your digital marketing journey.

If you go the other way where you decide to learn everything by yourself by testing and trying everything.

Then in today’s day and age, it’s not a wise choice.

Because you will end up wasting a lot of time in figuring out what works and what don’t.

So why not learn from a person who has already walked that way.

And here’s where online courses come to play.

Online courses can be a great resource for everybody who what’s to learn everything fast-forwarded.

It’s like having a virtual online mentor who has already walked that path.

Here are some things you should keep in mind while you buy or take someone’s online Courses

  1. You should not just blindly trust anyone who is selling Online courses, most people are (Fake gurus) who don’t know anything.
  2. you should first check what he has accomplished in that field.
  3. You should check whether the person himself does that thing what he teaches
  4. You should check reviews of that person’s courses
  5. Buy online courses from a reputed person or company where you feel you will get the most ROI of what you invest in terms of value.

So if everything seems good, then only buy online courses.

Here are some of the places where you can take online courses and learn Digital marketing.

Udemy: Udemy is the best place for taking online courses.

just go to Udemy and sign up for an account.

After your account is been created.

Search Digital Marketing in the search bar

you will be presented with a bunch of best and trending Digital Marketing courses on Udemy.

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Why do I like online Courses so much?

Personally speaking, taking online courses is the 2nd best way I feel for learning digital marketing stuff.

The 1st best way is still Starting a blog.

And in fact a lot of stuff which I know, I have learned through online courses.

Here are a few reasons why I like taking online courses.

  1. You can learn wherever you want at your chosen time.
  2. You will know each and everything that you’ll encounter down the road.
  3. You’ll go through the modules designed specifically for what you want to learn.

So if you want to learn digital marketing by taking Online Courses then go for it.

Join a digital marketing institute and get certified

Joining a Digital Marketing institute is another good way of learning digital marketing.

They will teach you each and everything that you should know as a Digital Marketer.

but one thing that I don’t like about digital marketing institutes is that they charge a huge amount of money as fees.

Some Digital Marketing institutes even charge up to 60000 Rupees in India.

And also sometimes some institutes teach outdated lessons.

So be aware when you choose a digital marketing institute for learning digital marketing.

but if you prefer joining Digital Marketing institute for learning digital marketing, then go for it.

Expert Tip: Search On Google “Digital Marketing Institutes Near me or your city” and you will be presented with all the digital marketing institutes who teach digital marketing.

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Work with someone who knows Digital Marketing

Working with someone who knows Digital Marketing is Also like having a mentor.

if you work with someone who knows Digital Marketing,

then chances are there that they will assign you some small tasks related to digital marketing.

and in this way, you can learn digital marketing.

Who should you look out for Working with?

  1. Bloggers
  2. Internet Marketers
  3. Digital Marketers
  4. Digital Marketing Agency
  5. Website owners
  6. Business owners


Most of the bloggers work alone, and they need help with their tasks.

So if you can find a blogger who needs help with their tasks, ask them if you could help them.

And most of the time they will say yes.

They will teach you a lot of stuff related to Digital Marketing.

they will assign you tasks like.

  1. Content writing
  2. Backlinks building
  3. Running FB ads
  4. Guest posting
  5. Creating social profiles and optimization

Digital Marketing Agencies who need people

Digital Marketing Agencies mostly need people for their work.

Most newly started Digital Marketing Agencies don’t have a lot of people to help run their business.

So they can give you essential training in digital marketing so that you can help them with their work.

Online Groups and communities can be a great resource for you to learn about Digital Marketing.

Online communities are the place where all levels of people hang out, Beginners to advanced.

and they can really help you out with your Digital Marketing Also.

You can ask your questions related to Digital Marketing on those groups, answer some questions that you, and a lot more.

Being in a community related to Digital Marketing with like-minded people who have same type of goals will surely help you to learn digital marketing.

what are some of the communities you can join?

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are the most active type of community that I like.

People like to spend most of their time on Facebook and hence a lot of people are there on Facebook groups.

Find a Facebook group with a large number of people related to Digital Marketing, join that group and be an active part of the community.

And you will learn a lot about digital marketing.

here’s an example of the Digital Marketing Facebook Group.

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Facebook Groups are also easy to find.

just follow the below-mentioned steps and ask to join those Facebook groups.

  1. Search Digital Marketing on Facebook
  2. you’ll be presented with a list of resources
  3. Click on the groups tab
  4. and you’ll be presented with all the available groups related to digital marketing
  5. ask, send join request to join any groups that you like
  6. you will be notified when you’re accepted into the Facebook groups.
  7. sometimes they may also ask you some questions before joining the Facebook group
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Answer Your Niche related questions on Quora

Quora is a Question and Answers website where people can ask questions and you can answer them, even you can ask questions if you have.

it’s a great community of people who have the same kind of interests and you can get to know some extra stuff related to Digital marketing from quora.

and knowledge grows from sharing so don’t hesitate from helping and asking questions on quora.

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Engage with People on Reddit related to your niche

Reddit is also somewhat like Quora, where you can ask people questions, answer someone else’s questions

you just have go ahead and subscribe to the subreddits of your Digital Marketing and you will start getting posts in Reddit related to Digital Marketing.

Reddit can also be a great traffic source for bloggers and internet marketers.

but be aware don’t spam over there because Redditors hate Digital Marketers who just paste their links here and there

Follow influencers on Social channels who are in the digital marketing niche

Following influencers and big people in the Digital Marketing niche will help you keep in the latest trends in digital marketing.

you will get to know what they are up to and you will know what works and what didn’t.

Following big people in your niche will help you a lot in your digital marketing career.

Try to interact with big people on your niche, get noticed and eventually you can get a chance to work with them.

That’s why interacting and following big people in your niche will help you a lot in learning digital marketing.

Build your portfolio of Digital Marketing

Learn any specific skill of digital marketing, help your clients with your skill and get testimonials, build your authority.

It will help you get recognized as an expert.

First, learn all the skills required and gather people who have skills and help people and Businesses with your digital marketing services.

The results will get compounded over time and I’m the process you will gain experience as well as you will earn some money.


So now that you have learned about Digital Marketing and How to learn Digital Marketing.

Now it’s your turn to go out and learn Digital Marketing.

Obviously you can’t Master each and every part of digital marketing, no one is an expert in every part of digital marketing.

But you can surely be an expert at one particular thing.

Be expert in one particular thing and prove your expertise to the world.

That’s how you become good at digital marketing.

But a smart Digital Marketer has little Knowledge about every part of digital marketing but is an expert at one.

So pick a part of digital marketing, Practice Practice practice and you’ll become good at it.

The more you practice the better you will become at digital marketing.

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