4 Best Tips on How to Speak English Fluently and Confidently

Do you wanna know the secret, how I am able to build so much fluency in my spoken English language?

Well, don’t worry, in this article I’m going to share with you How to Speak English Fluently and Confidently.

Here’s the secret…

Work for it 💯

I have been making videos, speaking in front of the camera for the past 2 years, making content for social media, and doing all other kinds of stuff like that.

Although I didn’t earn money from my YouTube videos till now since I do not have a large audience but it helps to position myself as an authority, this helps me to interact with lots of big people in my niche.

And it also helps me to interact with the community niche members professionally.

I have got better and better day by day speaking for the camera,.there’s no shortcut to it.

Earlier I sucked at speaking English, and I have to do a lot of edits in the video editor but now I can speak anything in one go, and it has also enabled me to learn various video editing software.

There’s no shortcut to it when it comes to learning English.

2020 – 2030 this decade will be the decade of videos

Improve your video skills as soon as you can.

So here in this article, you are going to learn exactly the same techniques I used to build my fluency in my English language.

How to Speak English Fluently and Confidently?

See English is just a language and it can be sharpened and excelled at just like any other skill but we have to put the effort into learning it.

Here are some of the things you can do to instantly improve your English language, vocabulary, grammar, and fluency in the English Language.

1. Read English Books

I have been reading books for the last two years now and this habit has helped me to be aware of a lot of English words that I was not aware of.

While reading books, I came across a lot of words which I didn’t even knew the meaning of when I got started.

So I just went ahead and grabbed a small pocket dictionary and whenever I felt like there is a word whose meaning I didn’t know while reading something in English then I instantly searched that thing in my pocket dictionary and it helped me a lot to understand the book I was reading.

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So it’s very crucial to develop a habit of reading books to enhance your English language.

There’s also a popular English proverb which goes like this 👇

Readers are leaders

Not only your English gets Better when you read books but you also get a lot of moral knowledge which other people don’t teach you in the real world.

So go ahead and grab some books that you will like to read and start reading them and note down all the words which you don’t know the meaning of in a separate notebook and look out for those words in the dictionary and this will help you a lot and add up to sharpening your English skills.

2. Write English more often

You should not only read books, but should also practice written form of English language to excel at it.

When you start to write more you automatically start to learn things more, because your brain will make efforts to make sure your English sounds good when other people read your copy.

When you write something, don’t think about what you are going to write, what will people think about it, if people will like it or not, etc, etc.

Just pick a topic that you love and start writing whatever you feel like writing of, and when you have finished writing your copy, just read it once to make sure everything sounds good.

And here’s the game changer

Practice Writing your messages in English, every day we send and receive tons of messages right?

Either be in the form of emails, WhatsApp text or any other, writing is an integral part of our daily life.

So what we can do is we can write all that things ( messages, emails, Facebook messages, etc ) in English, in this way we get better and better at English writing day by day as we are constantly in touch with Writing it daily.

And if you love writing more then you could even participate in discussions in online communities like QuoraRedditFacebook Groups, etc, and answer people’s questions or just be a part of some communication.

OK these were some minor fixes that you can do to fix your English, but next what I’m gonna show you will definitely make you better at English, as it has helped me the most in learning English Language.

And I am thankful that I discovered it early in the process.

Start a blog

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You can start a blog to start sharing your thoughts to the world.

And do you know What is the best part about stating a blog?

You can make money while writing for your blog.

Yes you heard it right, you can make good money and living just by writing blog content.

I am a professional blogger and have been writing Blog content since 2018, and I consider Blogging is the skill that has helped me to Raise my English Skills.

And the best Part about being a blogger was that i was making money while was writing content, I am getting paid for writing content even while I was sleeping, and that has helped me to earn passive income online through my blog.

And in this way, you will constantly be training yourself to be a better English writer and you will get better at English language day by day.

Know more about starting a blog.

3. Listen and watch more

Part of learning is also observing, observing what experts do, and observing how native English speakers speak.

Let me tell you a little story about how I improved my spoken English language.

Let me tell you this: I’m not a native English speaker nor a writer, I have just become better at it day by day, and I still make mistakes sometimes and I am still learning and I’m sharing what I have learned.

Most of you already know that I am a Digital Marketing professional and a blogger, and one Fine day while I was surfing around the internet and just scrolling through Digital Marketing groups to know what’s happening, there I came across a highly fluent guy from India who was explaining something in his video, who is well-spoken at English language and I was very amused to listen to his English.

He is a Digital Marketing Trainer, and I instantly became a fan of him, not just because of his spoken English skills but also because of the skills that he has about digital marketing.

And I was like “How can an Indian guy be so fluent in English” and I still admire his spoken English skills and I have learned a lot from him.

So what I did was, I also started making small videos for social media platforms on a daily basis, speaking for just sometimes 1 minute and started uploading them on social media, and I didn’t give a crap about what other people would think about me, I just made video content and uploaded.

And you know what no one bothered to see my content and engage with it in the beginning days, but as days passed by and as I started creating video content more and more, I started to get better at speaking English fluently and being better at it.

I mostly make screencast videos for my youtube channel where I explain people about blogging and Digital Marketing in the English language and doing this has made me more skilled at the English language.

Here’s one of my video in Engllish Language

Otherwise earlier I used to be very shy about what people will think etc, but I stopped thinking about all of those and this helped me to overcome my shyness, and it has also let me try new things and Improve my skills.

who you should watch and learn?

You can watch and listen to anything that you are interested in.

You can do these things to be in touch with English.

  1. Watch english movies
  2. Watch english videos on YouTube related to something that you are passionate about
    1. Listening english songs
    1. Watching tutorials Related to something in English.
  3. Listening to posdcasts etc.

Doing all the above mentioned things will give you access to experts, native speakers, how they speak etc and you can replicate their way of speaking english language to be better at English language.

4. When you are speaking English, don’t translate if first in your native language

When I began speaking English, the biggest mistake I made was that whenever I have to speak something, I translated it first in my brain and then later spoke.

This not only made my spoken English sound unprofessional and vulgar but also kept me away from learning.

Because when you do so, you are taking a bit of your time in translating, and you take time to think “what should it be that I should speak”, etc?

So it’s better to not think about what should you should speak when you are speaking, instead, you should just go with the flow of whatever your brain throws at you at the moment.

Sure you will make some mistakes, and say wrong words at the wrong times but you will definitely be prepared for the next time when you speak and this will prepare you for a real-world conversion in English.

5. Try speaking to yourself

Most people do not try to speak in English because they just think that people would not be interested in that, and other people around me don’t know English.

So that’s why they never try, and it’s the situation of almost every individual.

If that’s the case with you, you can try speaking something about a random topic that you like, and just record yourself while you are speaking.

After its over, play the video or audio whatever you have recorded and analyze all the mistakes you have made in the play and be prepared for the next time.

In this way, you can build your spoken English skills even when you don’t have anyone to talk to.

And I literally did this very thing when I had no one to talk to in English and it Instantly improved my Spoken English language.

Benefits of Learning and Speaking English

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  1. You will be able to communicate with other people professionally
  2. You will be able to understand what another person is saying in English
  3. You can get massive Boost in your career because of your English Skills
  4. You can start your own international business venture if you know English
  5. You can travel to English speaking countries without having to hire a translator
  6. And English is an internationally accepted language, most people speak English nowadays and it’s a must that you must learn English in today’s day and age.

Final thoughts

English is just a language that can be mastered if you constantly be in touch with the language.

Be in touch with English in every way possible, be it in written, Spoken, or visual (videos) part.

Just be in touch and you will see yourself getting better at it day by day.

I hope this little tutorial has helped you.

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That would help me a lot.

Thanks for reading the article

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