My Journey To Dwarka And Exploring All The Major Tourist Attractions Of Dwarka

I have started doing a small job as a technician In Suzuki Motors Gujarat (Automobile Manufacturing Company) which is a leading Automobile Car manufacturing company in the world.

And during the weekend of December 2021, the company has a shutdown holiday every year, so this year, i.e in 2021, I am working in that company and I got 7 day shutdown leave or you can also say new year and Christmas holidays.

So I thought why not utilize this occasion to visit the Kingdom of Lord Krishna. I have already visited Dwarka before but due to heavy crowd during my previous visit to Dwarka, I couldn’t visit the main temple, So I decided to visit again.

So my Journey began on 31st December 2021, and I started on this date because I wanted to start my new year in Lord Krishna’s Kingdom, and I arrived the next day on Dwarka.

I took my bus from Becharajee which is the nearest bus station from where I live to Dwarka City. I have to wait 5 hours initially for the bus, because the bus was scheduled to enter the bus station after 5 hours.

So I waited in the bus station for 5 hours, and while I was waiting in the bus station, someone told me that there is a Temple Nearby, so I visited that temple and it was a beautiful temple.

after visiting the temple, I came back to the Bus station and started waiting for the bus again, I waited for the bus anyway, 5 hours passed by and the bus that will go to Dwarka Finally came at 5:30 PM.

I entered the bus and sat there for the next 12 hours, I had a little sleep at night, but When I arrived at Dwarka the next day at 5:30 AM, I was fully energized because I was very eager to enter the Main temple, The Dwarkadheesh Temple.

So after reaching Dwarka, I visited a Dharamshala and paid for bathing and using the toilet, I got fresh, Took a bath and I was ready to explore the city, It was 6 AM already and It was still dark outside, but the eagerness to visit the temple inside me was growing more and more, so I marched towards the main temple as It is near to the Dharamshala.

I Visited the Main temple with some Prashaad with me, did some Pooja, visited Inside the main temple, Watched the Sculpture of Lord Krishna, Asked some Good wishes for myself, and then I left from the temple.

It was an awesome experience to visit the temple, and I got what I came To Dwarka For, To start the new year With Lord Krishna’s Wishes Upon me.

After that I had some Breakfast, which consisted of Bhajiya, Samosa and Curry, it was very tasty.

After that I left the Breakfast stall, and as soon I got out of the Food stall, there was a massive crowd celebrating New Year of Dwarkadheesh Temple. People Dancing, Playing Different instruments like drums, Singing, it was a great experience to having lived all those amazing stuffs.

After that I Visited 4 of the main places of Dwarka apart from the eDwarkadheesh Temple, which are.

  1. Rukmani Devi Mandir
  2. Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple
  3. Gopi Talav
  4. Dwarka Bhent

Each of the above mentioned places have it’s own significance in association with Lord Shree Krishna

Rukmani Devi Mandir

Rukmani Devi is one of the Queens of Lord Shree Krishna, People believe that Lord Krishna had 16,108 Queens, and Rukmani Devi was the Most Favourite Queen of Lord Shree Krishna.

watch this video to know more about Rulmani Devi, This video is in Hindi, But you can find More in depth information about Rukmani Devi and her association with Lord Krishna on Google.

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple 8th Jyotirlinga temple among the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, I visited Nageshwar Jyotirlinga and the VIbe Inside was very Devotional, The temple was echoing with the Song (Bhakti Geet) of Lord Shiva which some people were singing inside the temple and It felt so good, I felt the Energy of Lord Shiva’s Devotees and I was feeling like Sitting there and Singing the Bhakti geet along with them.

But I was on a tight Time Frame, The auto-driver told me to come before 20 minutes or else he will leave without me, So I have to rush back after ROaming inside the temple.

It was a truly magical moment.

After that i visited Gopi Talaav

Gopi Talav or Gopi Ghat

Bhent Dwarka

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