What Is Shiny Object Syndrome? And How to Overcome It?

What is Shiny Object Syndrome?

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Shiny Object Syndrome: Shiny Object Syndrome is a condition or say it’s a state of mind where instead of focusing on one thing, job, work, people focus on multiple different things at the same time. This condition is called a shiny object syndrome.

For example: When most of the newbie people start their online business, they have lots of options in front of them. like Dropshipping, Blogging, Freelancing, Online Consultation, Selling Online Courses, Youtube, and the list goes on and on.

So when a newbie person gets into this world of online business, every day he explores and gets to know about a new thing, and every day he runs after new things. which is not good for business.

There’s a popular quote by Confucius which goes like this

“The man who chases two rabbits catches neither”.


So instead of focusing on all the different things at once, start focusing on one thing, don’t scatter your attention all around.

Just focus on one thing and make it your primary goal that “Until you achieve this thing you won’t pass on to another thing.” Make that one thing the top ideas in your mind.

If you will have more than 1 top idea in your mind, you will achieve neither one of them. Doing online business or any business is like an art. and the owner of the business is like an artist where he is either pursuing mastery at his art or is either a master of the art.


When you see an Artist, Musician, Soccer player, MMA Fighter, Cricket Player, or anyone performing at a professional level, you will observe that they are not a jack of all trades, they don’t run after everything that comes in their way, instead, they are master of one.

They know what their craft is and they become exceptionally good at it by putting in countless hours of practice and focus.

You are none different from those artists, you have to identify what your art is and what you want to do.

You are also like those artists, you are also either pursuing mastery at your art or already a master of something. You just have to know what your craft is, instead of focusing on all the different things.

And if you take this one little precautionary step while you do anything, then you can save lots of your time and energy by not focusing on multiple different things at once.It requires a lot of mental strength more than anything to be focused on something.

And one way to increase your mental strength is to make sure you are taking good care of your mental health and overall health.✅Make sure you are taking good care of your mental health, by properly nurturing your brain with the right ingredients in terms of proper sleep, proper exercise, positive thoughts, and most importantly eliminating all the unnecessary stuff from your daily life.

You will be more focused if you don’t scatter your attention all around. just focus on one thing and see the magic.

Conclusion of Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome is definitely not a good things and it distracts you from your core work or whatever you are doing.

Just Set One goal, What is it that you wanna achieve, Decide what is it that you want and Go after it.

And Leave all the other distractions in your way. In this way you will be able to focus on your core job more and will be able to Make the most out of your Core work.

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